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Monstar (2013)

Monstar (2013)

Title: 몬스타 / Monstar
Genre: Musical, Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network: Mnet
Broadcast period: 2013-May-17 to 2013-Aug-02
Air time: Friday 24:00

Synopsis Monstar (2013)

A music drama that shows the story of auditions and passion, as well as the birth of stars.

‘Monstar’ will be about the stories of students learning about themselves and each other in the setting of a high school music club. The behind-the-scenes concept of the drama will capture the craziness of auditions and the rise to stardom.

Yoon Sul Chan (Yong Joon Hyung) is the vocalist for the group “Man in Black”. Meanwhile, Min Se Yi (Ha Yeon Soo) will play as his girlfriend.

Cast Monstar (2013)

  • Yong Joon Hyung as Yoon Sul Chan
  • Ha Yeon Soo as Min Se Yi
  • Kang Ha Neul as Jung Sun Woo
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Han Ji Woong
  • Kim Min Young as Sim Eun Ha
  • Park Kyu Sun as Cha Do Nam
  • Kang Ui Sik as Park Kyu Dong
  • Dahee as Kim Ha Na
  • Moon Yong Suk as Ma Joon Hee
  • Kim Yoo Hyun as Ma Hyo Rin
  • Yoon Jong Hoon as Shin Jae Rok
  • Kim Sun Kyung as Choi Kyung
  • Lee Hee Jin as Dok Go Soon
  • Kim San Ho as as Choi Joon Goo
  • Kim Hee Won
  • Jo Jae Yoon
  • Kim Jae Heung

Production Credits

Director: Kim Won Suk
Screenwriter: Kim Tae Hee


This drama is the first drama series produced by music channel “Mnet“.

Synopsis Monstar Episode 1

Synopsis Monstar
EPISODE 1: “It All Started With Lips”

Early morning. As a pair of snails crawls on a leaf, we hear a voice narrate: “So if I had to put my finger on it, everything that happened to us… was because of a pair of lips.”

That voice belongs to our heroine, MIN SE-YI (Ha Yeon-soo), who softly plays on her well-worn guitar to an audience of one: a puppy. As she sings, we intercut to a music performance show where idol group, Man in Black, takes the stage and – you guessed it – performs the same song. Is this a Dream High 2 revamp?

When she finishes her song, Se-yi packs up her things and heads off to school.

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Monstar: Episode 2

EPISODE 2: “Girl, I’m a star, a star!”

We rewind to earlier that morning, and the MIB boys hit the showers after dance practice. A shower scene already? Is it my birthday? Then as the boys get beautified in their stage outfits, Seol-chan gets ready for school.

In the car, Manager Hong gives him a few encouraging words—if Seol-chan is on his best behavior, his sentence to attend school could be reduced from three months to one.

At present, he worries about who Seol-chan will sit next to in class since it’s imperative that the student must be neither a fan nor anti-fan, and above all, tight-lipped. Seol-chan glances at his button and smirks, “I know someone.”

Which leads us to the previous episode’s ending as Seol-chan asks Se-yi to be his jjak Ah, so he meant it as his seat partner. Read More

Monstar: Episode 3


EPISODE 3: “Returned Idol Seol-chan Causes a Huge Accident”

At the sight of Sun-woo and Se-yi’s duet performance, Seol-chan silently fumes in the back of the music room. He’s just about to walk out the door when Joon-hee loudly announces his arrival.

He pointedly shoots daggers with his eyes at Se-yi (who looks genuinely sorry for this turn of events) before apologizing for his tardiness. Teacher Dokko asks what he plans to do now since his teammates have just concluded their performance.

Refusing Sun-woo’s offer of help, he answers that he’ll play the piano. With the stern warning that he can’t perform a MIB song, Seol-chan announces this untitled original number is written by an unknown songwriter. He smirks at Se-yi before he begins.
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Monstar: Episode 4

EPISODE 4: “I like her… Min Se-yi!”

Due to the thunderstorm raging outside, the ajusshi reluctantly lets the group in temporarily to stay dry in the cellar. At the gruff warning that they’re not to touch anything, cocky Seol-chan can’t help make a sarcastic jab about whether the man has something to hide.

Once he leaves, Seol-chan tears into Se-yi for leading them to an Adam’s doorstep when she’s the flasher’s target. The other kids look at her wide-eyed as Seol-chan explains that he’s caught that man following her twice, no three times now. Read More

Monstar: Episode 5

EPISODE 5: “Let’s Fight, All for One!”

We pick up in the courtyard where everyone is in high spirits apart from Kyu-dong, who silently slips away to invite Do-nam to join them. Aw, d’you still have Do-nam on speed dial? He sighs when he gets the usual brush-off.

Things are still rough at school where he’s still ridiculed by Jae-rok. This time around, the other kids are more reluctant to comply but do nothing when Kyu-dong puts on another “Radio” performance.

He only stops when Se-yi barges in, calling his name. Oy, that mortified expression is heartbreaking. He runs out of the classroom and Se-yi follows him. Read More

Monstar: Episode 6

EPISODE 6: “Jealousy Incarnate, Danger of Team Breakup?”

Se-yi confides in the ajusshi with the secret that her mother harbored feelings for another man. Then we see how she had overheard her mother blame herself for her husband and Se-yi’s father’s death—if only she hadn’t met “him” that night. Sobbing, she had confessed that her husband had seen them together and had subsequently died when he chased after her.

Soon afterwards, Se-yi confronted her mother about it and convinced herself into believing that that was why her father was so angry, why he ran out and died that night. She earned a slap for her accusations, and she called her mother an adulteress and a murderer.

The ajusshi is shocked, and he’s still shaking as Se-yi notes how strange it is that she can share her secret with a stranger. After she leaves for practice, he takes out an old high school photo of a trio of friends. Hm, is this him with Se-yi’s parents?

Se-yi sits in her room later that night, miffed to hear that her mother has called yet again. She contemplates whether to return the call before deciding against it, saying this is a part of her mother’s punishment. Read More

Monstar: Episode 7

EPISODE 7: “Finally the Battle! Color Bar vs. All for One”

Sun-woo’s acoustic serenade wins over the girls’ hearts (including mine). Unbeknownst to him, Nana looks heartbroken behind him as she looks on. However, her voice doesn’t betray her emotions when she tells him to sing another song for them: “Human, Love” (by Lena Park & Kim Bum-soo).

He points out that it’s a duet and Nana quickly shoots down the idea that he sings it with their vocalist, Se-yi. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear this potentially awesome duet as an irritated Seol-chan interrupts to end practice. He doubles over in frustration in the car.
Next thing we know, he scares the bejesus out of Se-yi on her way home. He can barely utter words, let alone sentences before he barks, “D-did you like it?!” and runs off, embarrassed. Hahaha, I love jealous Seol-chan. Read More

Monstar: Episode 8

EPISODE 8: “To You Who Hopes For My Despair”
The crowd breaks into uproarious applause at Color Bar’s performance, and even All for One is left amazed. The judges are left to deliberate and Seol-chan gets the usual star treatment as soon as the band steps outside.

Nana takes to the roof and she hides her cigarette when Sun-woo comes by. Then we rewind to catch the rest of the conversation at the design studio, and Nana laughs at his assessment of her. She tells him that he’s still got it wrong: “You don’t say things you see, but the things you want to see.”

She tosses out an offhanded remark that she’ll go if Sun-woo hangs out with her ten times. To her surprise, he agrees. Thus he’s here to keep his end of the bargain and lets her decide the logistics of their hangouts (read: dates. Is it just me?). Then he draws closer and snaps the cigarette in his hand—no smoking.

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Monstar: Episode 9

EPISODE 9: “If You Want Help It Will Come”
On the ledge, Kyu-dong braces himself to jump, unaware that Seol-chan and Se-yi are rushing up the stairs at the same time. Ack, I can’t bear to watch what’s coming…

He steps forward … and a mysterious hand yanks him back. Ohthankgod. Seol-chan and Se-yi burst onto the roof and they stop short at the sight of Kyu-dong lying on top of his rescuer: Nana.

They break apart and Kyu-dong runs off, mortified. When Se-yi tries to call after him, it’s Nana who tells her in a bitter tone to think of how humiliated he must feel right now, adding that he won’t try to jump again anytime soon.

It’s no surprise that Kyu-dong is absent from class for the rest of the day. Se-yi is disheartened to hear that Eun-ha didn’t stand up for him back in the classroom, and she cuts her friend off before she can get in another word. Read More

Monstar: Episode 10

EPISODE 10: “What do I do? I’m still so bad at this”
Seol-chan catches Se-yi off-guard with a kiss. They open their eyes a few seconds later and blink at each other while their lips are still touching before they break apart, stunned.

Still in shock, Seol-chan stutters and asks what’s she’s doing to him. You initiated the smoochin’, lover boy. Se-yi turns the question back on him and asks if he was kidding around again. He admits that he wasn’t, although he’s unsure as to what compelled him to kiss her.

Se-yi raises her voice when he starts to mention that Se-yi remained still. But that only calls more attention to their awkwardness, and they suddenly rise like stiff robots and run off, avoiding eye contact.

Se-yi buries herself under the covers in embarrassment as Seol-chan looks up to see the stars draw a literal heart in the sky. Cute. Read More

Monstar: Episode 11

EPISODE 11: “I loved my friend’s friend…”
In the restored courtyard, Se-yi confides in Ajusshi with how she’s been distracting herself with other thoughts ever since her mother’s return. When he asks if she’s confused about Seol-chan again, she sheepishly replies that that’s taken care of.

She wonders if her mother felt the same butterflies in stomach feeling when she first met her father. “But why… why did [her feelings] change?” He doesn’t answer.

She asks if there’s ever been a moment in his life he would want to turn back to. For her, it would be when she overheard her mother confess that she once loved someone else at her father’s memorial. If only she hadn’t hid in the corner to hear those words… Read More

Monstar: Episode 12 (Final)

EPISODE 12: “The star in me, Monstar”
As Nana sings to “Scattered Days” (infused with Seol-chan’s rap lyrics), Se-yi confesses her feelings for Seol-chan to Sun-woo, who looks heartbroken to hear the words.

He tries to crack a joke to cover his hurt, but he can’t bring himself to say okay to that. Putting on a brave face, he apologizes for being unable to walk her home and leaves.

It’s only when he’s alone does he let out a deep sigh, “It hurts to be rejected over and over again.” He stands there, head hanging.

In the meantime, Seol-chan finishes up in the recording studio (for the goodwill project song) and runs into Ari on his way out. He spends the rest of the night composing, his fingers calloused from playing on the guitar.

Byun PD yells up a storm at the news that Seol-chan won’t participate in the music battle. He storms out, only to march back in to declare that they’ll make semi-documentary tear-jerker featuring Color Bar instead. Read More


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